Hey everyone, it's been a while since i've come on here. I'll be honest, i aren't very good at keeping up with my blog. I used to be an avid blogger but over the years i lost touch and found it really hard to carry it on, but i thought it was semi important to have some kind of blog here on my author website so i can update you fully when i feel it's important.

I've spent this entire lock down really not doing much at all, and yet somehow the time has slipped away from me and we're now in July. I had expectations to use all of this time to write and progress with all the things i love doing and instead i can't count for the time at all.

I know i am not alone in this, but i can't help but feel a little disappointed in myself, especially when it comes with the progression of my writing.

Which is one important update. I wrote a blog post not so long ago, bigging up a project 'Alena' for the temporary title, a fantasy novel as it were. Unfortunately i have made the decision to shelve this project until, well the end of time. I fully accepted that this is not a project i am wanting to pursue right now, even though it is very near and dear to my heart and has a lot of personal aspects going into the characters journey. I fully accept that some stories aren't ready to be told and that some ideas aren't to be a full length novel. I fell in love with the idea and when it came to working on it, i had zero motivation, zero interest in it as a whole and i thought i would when i decided to give it another shot and hype myself up.

This is me being brutally honest and that i am learning to not announce or fully take on a story idea until i know it's meant to be. When i say meant to be, i think you writers may understand that feeling. I do think however, the story has some potential, but not the road i was willing to take it on and maybe in a million years to come i will have the correct path for it.

But, good news is i am focusing on a project. I started to work on this two years, maybe three years ago and i have a title for it. 'The World We See' - As usual, i stopped writing this when i hit a block and then not long after that Alena was a focus, then other projects began to be my focus. It needed tweaking badly, but i couldn't figure out the plot and what the story was missing. Until around five days ago of writing this post.

It came to me at 2:00AM when i was struggling to sleep. It was these very ideas, that have transformed this story slightly by tightening it up and allowing me to fit that missing piece. The original concept and plot still remains, it was a few loose ends that needed to be change for it all to fall into place and wow, i am excited. I can't stop thinking about this story, truthfully it never really left me and not the same way as my Alena story. When i write this, i am excited and i can't stop and when i know it's time for me to sit down and get words down i am happy. I think that's a good sign.

This story challenges me in the way i think, it has subliminal messages that i notice whether or not readers will and your interpretations of how you see the world are endless. I think i enjoy being challenged by my stories in ways of unfolding plots, creating complex and mind fucking situations. I want this book to make people think outside the box, i want this to stay with you like it's stayed with me.

The world we see is a sc-fi novel set in the year 2050. I have a page for it on my project section but i am hoping to announce the synopsis this week, i just have a lot to do this month!

Anyway, thank you for sticking around and reading. I hope everyone is okay and hopefully i will talk to you all soon.

Rebecca xo

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