Rebecca is a British adult fiction writer from Stoke on Trent - She has a self published book of poems and is working on her first debut novel.


Rebecca has always been passionate about writing, and knew this was her calling when she first wrote a short story thriller in primary school. It wasn't until her early 20's she decided to actively pursue writing, but keeping all written words to herself. 


At 27, she made the decision to post publicly on a blog and figured it was now or never. Writing never left her, even all those years of ignoring her creativity she realised it would never leave her.  she is now working hard at finishing her first ever novel. 


Rebecca prefers to write thrillers, horror and fantasy but is not scared to pursue other genres. Her interests in psychology and serial killers helps influence her in writing darker stories - Her personal experience with depression also influences her writing. Stephen King is one of her favourite writers and the book misery is a huge inspiration to a lot of her creativity.

If she is not writing, Rebecca is reading or gaming. She is an avid Simmer, enjoys trashy reality Tv and geeking out over anything that's unexplained

Rebecca lives with her boyfriend and two cats, she is currently studying psychology and criminology at staffordshire university. 

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Selfpublished writer and author